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Scarf Bundle. 3 Different Scarves Made With Polyester

Scarf Bundle. 3 Different Scarves Made With Polyester

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Surprise scarf offer… three fabulous scarves. Scarves are the perfect accessory for the days and months ahead of us in 2020 and beyond. As restrictions start to ease, it will be a relief to get out and about and a colourful printed scarf is an attractive way to provide a quick mouth and nose covering in public spaces and places. We have an exciting package to really get you in the mood! The surprise package is our pick of scarves from the fantastic range of designs. When you order a ‘bundle’, three completely different beautiful scarves will be delivered by return. The price represents a massive saving on normal prices.

These scarves vary in length from 1800 to 500 mm.

Recommended retail price: £ 9.95  | $ 12.5 | € 10.95 Buy Retail 
Pack size: 6
Units: Set of 3
Designs: Assorted cols designs sizes 1


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