Bohemian beads and baubles create a certain glamour and exotic, rich ambience. Sumptuous gold and bronze beadwork, etched and embellished metal work, gleaming enamel and polished colourful cabochons all lend themselves to an incarnation of this desirable look. Bohemian beauty offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional ‘bling’ of the festive party months. Warm, shimmering tobacco, sherry and amber tones replace the cold tawdriness of cheap cut glass sparkle while soft gold and bronze hues offer an exciting alternative to the tinselly glitz of the season. Check out our fabulous snake tassel tie necklace – a clever tubular weave in appropriately Czech, originally Bohemia, beads co-ordinating plain and pattern designs. Hinged bangles shimmer with iridescent enamel and twinkling amber coloured crystals and a stretch cuff is a feast of honey hues.

Bohemian vibes can be engendered in many ways. Pulling together numerous strands of chain, beadwork, silks and textiles can create the mysterious feel of romantic foreign lands. Earrings with multiple droplets in faceted glass and stone, fringes and tassels and elaborately inscribed brass all add to the ambience. Rings encrusted with polished turquoise and coral coloured cabochons and moody rhinestones conjure up the spiciness of gipsy parties and festive evenings.

Hoops are an essential part of the Bohemian look and we have all thicknesses and sizes. A large gold hoop is the quintessential earring in this genre. Our offerings are gold plated which doesn’t break the bank, also an important staple of any jewellery range. Search ‘hoops’ on our website to see the full extent within our collection.

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