Resin is ravishing in an array of striking combinations of colour and pattern. Acrylic, cellulose and recycled plastics are an important part of the contemporary jewellery and modern accessory repertoire. With clever new techniques being innovated, interesting variations on more conventional themes have recently been emerging. Stackable rings in stunning cellulose designs are an example. This special type of resin, where the pattern and colour are integral to the material has brought some exciting new developments to the accessory world. Have a look at our latest stud and drop earrings which will be coming into stock in the coming weeks. Use these with the current lines to build a great range of cellulose jewellery and accessories.

For a slightly more pared back look there are beautifully transluscent acrylic rings where the shape and shine are the design focus. A slick knot in an assortment of six colours or a choice of unusual domes or angular shapes. These striking pieces are chic and come in tasteful tones of smoky grey, amber, sherry, violet and completely clear. Like mini works of art, their sculptural forms can’t fail to grab attention.

Black and white always look sharp. Statement resin hoops, bold shapes and quirky earring designs are the perfect medium to make a strong statement. Super sized loops of shiny acrylic are offset by gleaming silver balls, hoops are infused with trails of contrast tone and chunky jigsaw pieces all can form the basis of an impactful display.

Bangles are back and there is no shortage of arty and creative designs in resin here at Joe Cool. Eye-catching styles are colourful infusions, bright splashes, stripes and layers in solid cuff, stretched components and swollen swirls.

Clean architectural studs and drop-studs make geometric shapes in strong primary colours and stripes feature! Enjoy resin.

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