Forecast for stock holding.

As a supplier we are committed to making sure that the experience of buying from Joe Cool remains as simple and dependable as possible. We are aware that one of our major responsibilities is to have the stock you require when you require it. It is not as easy as it sounds and so toward that end, we propose that, if possible, you provide us with a forecast, based on past sales, of items you are likely to require within the period of the next 3 or 6 months (or whatever makes most sense for you).

We will not interpret your forecast as a commitment to buy and we cannot not guarantee to be able to supply but it will make it much more likely that the core items you buy from Joe Cool are in stock when you require them, that we can respond without delay to your orders and that your damaging out-of-stock periods are kept to a minimum.

This isn’t of course a way of eliminating all difficulties, but we already use this system with several of our customers and it is our experience that regular forecasts can transform the way we do business, boosting sales and buyer confidence; and that can only be a good thing for everyone.

It does not have to be for all the items you buy from us, it could just cover what you consider the core items.


Joe Cool Item CodeDescription ( optional)Forecast for 6 months from 1/3/2023
JC24565ACRing glass assorted colours180 psc
JC56197Bracelet resin keyboard96 psc
JC61182Necklace with a pendant Pegasus96 psc
JC61834Scarf musical cat turquoise120 psc
JC61941Stud earring classic bumble bee240 prs
JC62213Shoulder bag black guitar84 psc
JC62230Hair pin wood fine deco240 prs
JC62436Socks Cotton Blue Counting Sheep180 prs

*Forecast would also, somewhat, reduce our carbon footprint in that it would allow us to ship more by sea, less by air.