Custom printed display cards

Custom printed display cards increase the perceived value of an item and serve to promote your brand or venue and your sales. Ideally the card is also custom pierced with holes or slits to suit the category of item to be displayed.

For an economic price, using a ‘stock’ card quality, the minimum quantity order is 2,000 of each design/piercing, i.e 2,000 necklace cards and 2,000 earrings cards etc..

For example.
Size of card 60 x 95mm *. Thickness of card 350 gsm, card colour white, printed 2 colours front, one colour on the reverse, with hanging hole in the top and custom pierced to carry earrings ; cost £260 for 2000 cards.
If you allow us to put a very small Joe Cool on the back, we will subsidise the cost of the card and the price for 2000 would be £130. * smaller cards are the same price.

An alternative strategy for smaller quantities is to make 2000 ‘basic’ cards, custom printed but with only the hanging hole pierced. This card can be used as a swing tag or can be hand pierced to suit other items such as earrings, chain necklaces, brooches etc., as required.

Using this strategy an order for 2000 cards would allow items to be carded with your custom card and the final cost could be as low as £130 or £0.065 each.

Normally there is also a charge for putting the items on the custom card which varies between £0.05 and £0.08, this charge is waived on your first order.

Samples of ‘stock’ card quality can be sent on request.

It is assumed that the artwork for the card will be presented as a camera ready Ai file, alternatively we can design a card for you..