Custom printed display cards

Custom cards increase the perceived value of an item and serve to promote the customers brand and sales. Ideally a card is pierced to suit the category of item to be displayed. A card which works well for a chain necklace will not suit drop earrings and vice versa.

For an economic price, using a ‘stock’ card quality, a professional printer will want to make 2,000 of each design/piercing, i.e., 2,000 necklace cards and 2,000 earrings cards etc. etc. etc.

If the quantities are too large an alternative is to make 2000 cards with only the hanging hole pierced and then to custom pierce the cards to suit the items ordered as required.

The cards we produce for the Tate and for Kew gardens are stock card professionally printed and pierced, similar cards would be priced as follows

Size of card 60 x 95mm. Thickness of card 350 gsm, colour white, printed 2 colours front, one colour on the reverse, with hanging hole in the top.
2000 cards for £278. (€325, $375). Each card £0.14, (€0.165, $0.19).
If we are allowed to put our logo on the back, very small, then we will subsidise the cost of the card and the price for 2000 would be £200 (€240, $280). Each card £0.10, (€0.12, $0.14).

The card can be used as a swing tag as is but it can also be pierced to suit any type of jewellery* for an additional £ 0.03 each (€0.04, $0.05,).
This means that the final custom printed and pierced card with credit in the back will cost £0.13 each (€0.16, $0.19).
(*Earring, chain necklace, brooch, ring: Other piercing profiles are possible depending on demand.)

There would also be a charge for putting the items on the custom card which is restricted to £0.05 (€0.06, $0.07).

It is assumed that the art work for the card will be presented as a camera-ready Ai file, alternatively we can design the card at £25 an hour (€30, $35), normally one hour is sufficient.

If 2000 cards are too much initially, we can produce smaller (100 +) sample runs in-house at £0.25 each (€0.30, $0.35).