Hello, and welcome to our latest catalogue of fashion jewellery and accessories.

A new decade and a new Joe Cool catalogue, but it’s not quite business as usual. While our ranges continue to grow and diversify and our product search ever more people, we are taking steps to ensure that our impact on the world is as benign as possible.

Popular animal, bird and nature themed collections have expanded and are enhanced taking inspiration from inner earth, seashore and ocean. We continue to have fun with the ‘everyday’, transforming normal into out of the ordinary with quirky favourites joined by delights such as wrapped sweet earrings, sequin banana brooches and colourful clown keyrings. A place is still reserved for those perhaps less exciting, but equally important classic staples such as simple silver hoops, ball-stud earrings and nose-studs. In contrast Joe Cool’s artistic roots are never far away and colourful creativity is on show in the Gallery and Arthouse collections and throughout the catalogue. Our Millinery collection of hats, scarves and gloves continues to grow and the extensive sock collection has its own dedicated supplement.

You will notice that the format of this year’s catalogue is slightly smaller, but for the biggest of reasons, to reduce – along with many other measures – our carbon footprint. This year our collections include a wealth of responsibly sourced natural materials; from wood and stone to paper and glass, with the same sense of style and attention to detail that our customers have come to expect. We are paying even more attention to the quality of our products to ensure that they give enjoyment for the longest possible time.

Our packaging is also changing, we are quickly moving towards packing all of our products using biodegradable materials; using recycled card backing rather than plastic, where possible not bagging items individually and where that is unavoidable we will soon be using biodegradable bags.

We hope you enjoy the contents of these pages, and trust it will prove a useful tool in conjunction with our website, where you will find more information, products and the latest updates to the range.

As always your comments and views are welcomed, please feel free to get intouch with your thoughts and feedback.

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