More socks! The latest new designs are now in stock and there is quite an eclectic mix as you might expect. There is a sock for the horse lover and also for fans of that other popular equine family member, the Unicorn! Nature and wildlife are addressed in various forms with magical mushrooms and chirruping robins.

A lovely Mediterranean feel emanates from a delightful turquoise sock adorned with peaches and juicy watermelon slices are tempting on a cool green background. Continuing with the edible theme there is a bright vegetable sock for men; with carrots, peas, aubergine and broccoli, getting your ‘five a day’ couldn’t be easier! This segues nicely into the gardeners sock. Its useful to find or make links in your collections, display is easier and more impact can be made either by grouping socks together or by combining with other accessories or gift items. Perhaps some of the suggestions throughout this post will offer inspiration.

Whether your customers are of a mind to collect stamps, play chess or simply acquire some interesting hosiery (become collector of socks perhaps?), there are now more socks than ever in our range. Two new cat designs provide an interesting variation on this popular pet theme. Build a feline story with an eclectic mix of magnificent moggies from across the collection. Playful cats, paws, best-selling dream cat and Paris cat are just a few possibilities. There is a wide variety of cat centric jewellery and accessory items to boost your selection.

Even more socks have a whimsical vibe such as the new butterfly and rainbow designs.The former – a beautiful violet background with luscious black outlined colour butterflies, the latter – an optimistic bright blue featuring jolly rainbows and clouds raining colourful drops! Both add to two of our most popular and timeless collections. Have fun creating your upbeat displays as we head into a positive year.

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