The prices quoted are per piece, pair and, occasionally, set. They are ex-works and are subject to change without notice. After you place your order you will receive a “Confirmation of Order”, please check this confirmation; the prices on the confirmation are the prices you will be charged.

Minimum Order

There is no minimum order value but the item minimum is one pack. Small value orders will be surcharged to cover the expenses of handling, £50/£5, €60/6, $80/8. Items ordered in quantities less than one pack will be surcharged 20%.

Shipping cost

Shipping costs vary according to destination as shown in “Cost of Transport “
and are added to the invoice. There are two exceptions:

  • Deliveries to UK destinations with value in excess of £250.
  • Orders placed at $ US Dollar prices with a value in excess of $250.
  • Orders placed at € Euro prices with a value in excess of €600.

In all these cases orders are despatched without any added shipping charge.


Orders for products with are in stock are normally despatched within 7 days. Orders for items which are out of stock and orders for large quantities may take up to 8 weeks to despatch. If time is of the essence then it must be noted and specific dates must be quoted in writing at the time of ordering.


Any claims of damage, short or non-delivery must be made in writing within 10 days of the date of the invoice.


Please advise us in writing before returning any goods; an email detailing the goods to be returned and the original invoice number will suffice. Please note our response before you return items.
We will advise whether we want the goods returned and we will also advise the most economic way to do so. When returning items please do so promptly, package well and use a box to prevent damage during transit. Be sure to include details of the items codes, quantities and the original invoice number with the return.

‘New to you ‘ items. We understand that the pictures and descriptions of items in our catalogue and on our web site in some instances may not convey exactly the precise nature and quality of our products. Any item which you have not previously ordered which fails to meet your expectation may be returned promptly in its original condition and packaging for a full refund.

Correctly ordered – incorrectly delivered. In the unlikely event that we deliver an item which you have not ordered please accept our apologies. If you do not wish to keep the item please return it for a full refund.

Incorrectly ordered- correctly delivered. If you have mistakenly ordered the wrong item and you do not wish to keep the item then please return it for a credit. In some circumstances we will charge a 20% re-stocking fee.

Damaged on receipt. We check items before they are despatched and we pack well so that damage will not occur during transit. However if you receive an item which is damaged please advise us, we will give a full credit.


Payment can be made by ( in order of preference )

  • Bank to bank transfer,
  • Credit/debit card,
  • Paypal,
  • Bank cheque,
  • Company cheque.

All payments must be for the net amount of the invoice and free of charges. All ex-UK orders must be paid in full before despatch. Credit terms are available to repeat UK customers on application.



Our aim is to provide products which are enjoyable to wear or use, are fun to sell, great value and ethically sound.

On prices

Our prices are competitive. We want to provide our customers with the best items, quickly, of the best quality and at the best price. Sometimes these aims are mutually exclusive but nevertheless we will not sell identical items at a price higher than others – we will not be undersold. If you find an item which we are selling at a lower price than we are quoting then please advise us and we will sell that item to you at that lower price.

On delivery

Our aim to is ship you all you want within 7 days of your order but that relies on us having stock of all items at all times and given the unpredictable nature of the business this is not always possible. If we are out of stock of some of the items you have ordered then we may choose to send you what we do have in stock and send the rest of your order as the items become available. If we do part ship your order then you will only be charged shipping on the first shipment.

The range

Our range is vast and changing all the time and despite the catalogue, the website and exhibitions some items rarely see the light of day. If there are items which you want which you cannot find please ask we may be able to supply them.


We enjoy the business and strive to be fair and honourable in all our relationships; with employees, with suppliers and with customers.


We are environmentally conscientious in both our procedures and in our use of materials and resources.

Talk to us

Good communication makes business more enjoyable and efficient. It is central to our success and we are keen to hear the views of our employees, our customers, our suppliers and within limits everyone else.

Free lunch

There is no such thing as a free lunch.


We are committed to providing not only the best fashion and novelty jewellery and accessories but also to providing the best service possible. This ambition encompasses:

  • Sourcing and providing display and sales equipment to match our products.
  • Designing and developing products especially for customers
  • Arranging and agreeing special terms to customers who have traffic but neither the time nor the inclination to curate and manage the product range.

Please feel free to tell us exactly what you want, we cannot guarantee to provide it but we will certainly try.

Terms of trade 11th March 2015