Bracelets, bangles and beads come into their own in the warmer months. Heavier clothes have been put away and lighter t-shirts, dresses and tops can be enjoyed again. Bare arms and wrists invite their own ornamentation when string bracelets, beadwork and bangles really come into their own. Here at Joe Cool we have a large variety of super summer styles in our inventory. Inexpensive friendship bracelets are ever popular, with their colourful woven silk threaded designs and plaited or woven effects. Leather in black, brown and tan is great for guys and ‘gals’ of all ages and more delicate beaded work is always nice to put in a mix.

Silver metal and brass beads suggest a subtle level of sophistication with an ethnic vibe. A fine turquoise and brass woven ‘Pharoah’ bracelet evokes the beauty of ancient Egyptian jewellery. Other eras, countries and moods are invoked where brass beads are used to created flower formations or give an antique look.

For vibrant colour and stunning pattern combinations we offer a wealth of fantastic bracelets and bangles. Mexican and Indian beadwork has long bee appreciated for its inventiveness and clever colour combining. Dazzling floral designs vie with cute beaded creatures and people. Ipanema styles pull together shells, beads, pattern and vibrant weaves, available in a pack of six great designs. ‘Kurush’ roll-ons are supplied in sets of 30 assorted styles from plain to richly detailed and we have a choice of several colour-ways.

Multi-strand is a great variation for creating a great stacked look; mixed metals on stretch and 12 strand multi-bead are stylish options. For a more natural look there is fine bamboo beadwork in an assortment of three colours or the ethnic cool, cord and leather mix with ceramic and metal boho beads.

Pretty pastel shades also are on offer with newly re-worked favourites like ‘satin weave’ in lovely pink, blue and purple shades. Fine lurex threads add a touch of sparkle to plaited fibres and shiny brass balls create richness with a tasselled satin thread bracelet. There are endless options from which to choose – a great low cost way to load up those shelves and counters.

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