Celebrating yellow, a colour which represents happiness, clarity and sunlight. As the days brighten and get longer, we look to the future and seek to find cheer in all things yellow. Long a symbol of optimism, creativity and enlightenment, this colour in its various forms, offers us a glimpse of positivity and hope for the coming months. Smile along with our smiley socks – an eighties classic brought right up to date in grey or yellow. ‘Rubber ducks’ are delightful as earrings, keyring and a sock, complete with little orange beaks. A black-eyed owl key-ring charm is quite bonkers…in a good way naturally. White rabbits with pink ears against a buttercup ground in one of the latest sock styles, makes refreshing footwear.

What exactly is so funny about bananas? I really don’t know but our fruity favourites will offer some light relief at the very least. Perhaps a ‘stressball’ key-ring which comes with companions, the equally yellow pineapple, corn-on-on-the-cob plus cheery orange carrot or maybe a rubbery silicon coin-purse. Banana earrings come as drop or stud earrings and are, well, simply bananas! Pineapples too abound, with wonderful retro scarves, jolly socks and again, stud and drop earrings. Tropical fruits evoking tropical climes and sunnier times.

This upbeat hue runs through many of our collections with vibrant items much in evidence in the Arthouse, Bloom and Originals collections. Yellow pops in the pompom assortments, bold acrylic earring designs and the abstract ‘bold square print’ scarf. Colourful crocheted flower earring, purses and brooches are brought alive with the golden addition and emoji stud earrings are one of the most familiar of expressions in yellow.

So enjoy this colour; symbol of wisdom and intellect throughout the ages, aid to concentration and communication and look to the brighter times ahead.

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