ceramic beads

Ceramic beads in a wonderful ‘random’ mix design come in three lengths of necklace and a bracelet. This colourful artistic product is possibly one of our best selling wholesale lines ever. An original Joe Cool innovation from the early ‘noughties’, these ceramic beads have endured the test of time. The charm lies in the uniqueness of each item. Every one is a beautiful mix of ceramic beads, each attractive in its own right with no two pieces the same. This is a winning formula which offers your customers a fantastic choice of unique products.

In the Gallery collection we have a range of classic blue and white ceramic beads. Put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea while you contemplate our ‘tea garden’ range. This is a timeless selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and earrings reminiscent of English bone china and Delft pottery. Choose sprigged designs of indigo blue on white or the more graphic classic Dutch design. A quirky twist is added to the range with our charming blue and white ceramic tea-mug earring. These delightful earrings add an essential ‘Joe Cool’ touch to a tasteful collection.


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