clutch-pin brooches

Clutch-pin brooches are the hottest way to jazz up jackets, bags and hats or caps. For this summer we have launched a couple of great assortments in coloured enamel. In the new Cruise collection we have tropical themed clutch-pin brooches. The set of six consists of palm tree, toucan, flamingo, peeled banana, pineapple and arty rainbow. The affordable price means your customers don’t need to think too hard about choosing more than one to create a story. Also in the collection is an eclectic and humourous selection of clutch-pin brooches which lends its name to the collection. The ‘cruise’ assortment has a couple of cool cacti pins, an ice-cream sundae and coffee-pot. It also contains an unusual cat with hanging fish and cruise-ship complete with anchor on chain! They look good casually pinned on our useful, tough canvas bag. They’re also great on denim, or show them off on cotton caps and felt hats.

Clutch-pin brooches continue on the cruise theme with a scarlet table tennis bat and ball (suspended on chain of course) and badminton racquet complete with swinging shuttlecock. These two quirky lines each come as a pack of six and, as before, are metal with shiny enamel. For a very different feel look up our hand-made felt  and textile brooches. New this year is the sweet embroidered cat brooch featured above. A little satin rose detail adds the perfect finishing touch to this charming moggy. The lucky black cat is our other favourite feline. This padded pin comes complete with  pretty pink satin bow. For more hand-made brooches look no further than the tropical creatures assortment; a pink elephant, blue parrot, snake, toucan, turtle and jolly green frog. All these delightful textile animals are to be found in the All creatures collection. There, you can also see tartan rabbits and cats, embroidered animal button badges and our classic vintage lady brooch .

In the same collection don’t miss our best-selling acrylic black cat brooch. The perfect pussy-cat is accompanied by a horse and elephant. They make a stylish silhouette trio. Finally, returning to our original story, we must mention our wonderful dog and bone clutch-pin brooches – he’s a cute black and white pet of a pin-brooch. Have fun and enjoy our latest pin-ups this Summer.

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