fine line fashion jewellery

Fine-line fashion jewellery is one of Joe Cool’s strongest ranges this season.  The Fine-Line  collection is home to an elegant range of shiny gold and silver metal jewellery which is interesting, abstract or arty. Long, slender rods form unusual earrings and rings. Wire forms make geometric shapes for ears and fingers. Delicate round-section metal winds into gravity defying shapes and yellow or pink gold and steely silver amuse the eye with cunning optical illusions.

Illusory and enticing, the fine-line fashion jewellery in this collection straddles elegance and art form. Lines of metal are cleverly worked to create a 3-d box efffect in the ‘cube’ stud earring; the ‘Pyramid’ earring makes an equally optical piece of art for the ear. Triangles, squares and circles are balanced forming rings and earrings. Fine lines cross and weave in harmony creating stunning fashion jewellery which will stun and amaze.

Fine-line fashion jewellery in more complex combinations can be seen in the ‘hexagonal bunch’ drop earring, necklace and bracelet. A beautiful mix of irregular hexagonal shapes create an architectural modern designer look. Geometric overlap triangle and square studs, make a smaller but similarily striking statement.

For a slightly softer, less anglular range, warm golds and sharp silver loops, twists and spins in ‘loose lines’ earrings, ‘wiggly’ and ‘spun’ line rings and ‘wiggle wire’ chokers. The abstract ‘sound waves’ bangle is fast becoming a Joe Cool classic.

Tie it all up with some novel knot bangles, earrings and rings. Our timeless knot stud earring comes on a board of 12 pairs in silver metal. All other knot jewellery is packed in an assortment of gold and silver.


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