Fun is a lot of what Joe Cool is all about. Famous for our unusual, quirky jewellery and accessories we are always on the look out for interesting ideas which will raise a smile. Fun is what our ever growing sock collection, Sock Sensation is all about! ‘The Scream’ sock has become one of our best selling products. As a fun fashion item it ticks all the right boxes. Its a features a world famous, iconic masterpiece by the artist Edward Munch. This rather serious painting becomes somewhat humourous when transposed onto the side of a sock! More humour is evident in the one of the most recent additions to the sock collection. the rubber duck sock shows jolly yellow ducks afloat a bubbly bath. Teamed with duck earrings, ring, keyring and hairwear you’ll have a selection that is truly quackers!

The famous oddbods probably top the list when it comes to cool quirky creatures. These hilarious fantasy characters are a friendly bunch available as a keyring/bag charm and a hair scrunchie, both in assortments of 12.

More silly animals…cat face coin purse, shoulder bag and keyring are really funny – thats haha funny and strange funny. Either way, they sell like hot cakes, or should that be hot cats!

Or how about this food for thought? Liquorice allsort jewellery, donut earrings and keyrings and fast food studs – that’s bananas! … yes those too. Check out the wonderful silicone banana purse/pencil case, stud earring and peeled banana drop earrings.

Joe Cool Originals have been making people smile for many years.Our zipper and button jewellery has provided entertainment for thousands of customers and continue to find new audiences daily. Choose multi-zipper necklaces and  stud earrings or button rings, necklaces, bracelets, hairwear and earrings. See the whole collection for inspirational accessories which will make you laugh.

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