Our world offers an astonishing array of natural materials to construct beautiful jewellery from, whether it’s the bone and shell embellishments our forefathers employed, or the myriad stones available today. The brilliance of organic materials is they provide the bling without the sting for an ever-growing considered-shopping culture. Our jewellery imitates nature in both colour and form as earth tones and natural themes abound.

Drawing inspiration from the rich colours of Tuscany, ceramic beads in beautiful earth and sky tones are combined to create contemporary yet classic pieces in our ‘Sienna’ collection. Comprising of a drop earring, bracelet and necklace this range offers a stunningly sophisticated take on the ‘Boho’ look.

Our beautifully handcrafted wood jewellery pieces yield a grounding energy. Richly detailed wooden bangles and drop earrings are decorated in Art-Deco designs. Statement necklaces are fashioned from colossus beads and cord whilst wooden rings feature a charming mountainous scene. A tangy twist on the classic wood toned jewellery, our coloured bead bracelet is simultaneously refreshing and refined, a true natural beauty!

Bracelets born from the gifts of the planet – say hello to earthy tones! Shell, stone and bone form decadent bracelets in gorgeous neutrals and mahogany hues. These organic styles invoke the power of the planet through timeless and tasteful design. 

The lush and sensory appeal of stone cannot be underestimated – it’s amazing that a rough rock can come out of the Earth and be transformed into a gorgeous wearable bead. Dapper egg-shaped drop earrings evoke a sense of regality, likewise, our impossibly chic cluster earrings eptiomise the phrase “natural beauty”. Stone necklaces come in polished and unpolished variations, each with their own appeal. Stones that resemble their natural state, such as slices and nuggets, are currently en-vogue. Stalactite stretch cuffs come in four colour variations: liquourice, moss green, rust and vermillion.

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