Nautical accessories – from anchor drop earrings and pendants in antiqued silver and gold metal to blue and white scarves with nautical prints we have a great collection of accessories to inspire and delight your customers. Brand new original enamelled yacht and lifebelt stud earrings vie for attention with ‘Blue Peter’ galleon and ships wheel drops. Both are interesting ‘mismatch’ pairs, an increasingly popular trend in earrings. Tiny metal-finish anchor studs come as an assortment of silver and gold on a handy point-of-sale display and are priced to sail off the shelf. For someone seeking really a fabulous quality quirky earring, we have a tiny, delicate sailing boat stud earring. These are exquisite earrings in quality rose gold, yellow gold and silver finish metal with tiny hand set crystals.

For those preferring to keep their nautical aspirations as something to play with rather than wear, we have a couple of ‘interactive’ and practical key-rings. Our compass key-ring will ensure you don’t lose your way and the thirty year calendar will let you plan well ahead! Both are stylish, fun and could be genuinely useful. Also for the boys as well as the girls, is a clever nautical themed bracelet – a shiny anchor, part of the design, is a stunning catch.

Enjoy this summer theme from our Scene collection along with other entertaining ranges and watch your sales sail!




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