shiny new abstract jewellery

Shiny new abstract jewellery in myriad interesting shapes and forms are a key feature for Joe Cool in 2017. Coming into stock soon is a fantastic range of cool curves and unusual geometric styles. Look out for triangular, crescent and square front and back earrings. We have stackable square, 3-d and worked wire rings in matt or shiny metals. Interesting linked necklaces and chokers are also prominent in our new fashion jewellery ranges.

Shiny new abstract jewellery isn’t all twists and angles. Elegant knots add another elegant strand to the collections. Clever knotted metal bangles in silver, yellow and rose gold are complimented by the witty ‘heartbeat’ items.

Look out too for the lovely matt gold and silver ‘squashed’ styles. Beautifully finished metal loops, hoops and teardrops for ears and necks.



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