tree of life

Tree of life – jewellery for all seasons to uplift and rejuvenate the spirits! Following the success of this popular range of jewellery, we have introduced the perfect stud earring. This is a beautiful glass gem of an earring. It features six different jewel coloured tree of life images. In the Flora and Fauna collection you will find the full set. There is a pendant in three designs, drop-earrings, ring and two styles of stud-earring. We also have a compact mirror with matching pill-box to complete your collection. Also in the collection are hand-painted glass tree pendants and rings. These are lovely items featuring two tree silhouettes on a silver, gold or white background.

For something in a similar vein look at the flower miniature stud earring and illustrated miniatures rings and pendants. These are pretty glass assortments at surprisingly low price points – one to boost the margins! The butterflies & flowers drop and pendant are other jewellery items which will compliment the range.

In the Nostalgia collection there is an alternative choice of trees in antique metal  Choose between a bushy tree, a tree in the wind or a graphic leafed shape in antique gold or silver finish. Stay in the spirit with gilded leaf pendants and earrings. There is also the wonderful classic silver drop leaf form which remains a firm favourite. Another fragile leaf form is available as drop earring or pendant in bright silver, pink gold and dark silver. Or choose a  different look with our classical assortment in matt silver and gold. A further selection of tree and plant inspired jewellery and accessories are to be found throughout our full range of jewellery and accessory items. Trees, leaves, flowers, insects and birds are fantastic this year. We have the product for any season or theme.

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