Autumn comes around again and with it the beautiful hues of the season. Our latest sock designs breathe warmth, and glow with dusky shades of ripening Autumn fruit, turning leaves and fading flowers. Unusual textures and tones are a feature of many new lines with their subtle gradients and colour combinations. Flower garden, wild meadow and blousy blooms shimmer plum, crab apple and elderberry shades while little flowers capture the transience of the times.

Autumn also brings the delight of ripening fruit and crop harvests. Across the land, orchard trees groan under the weight of juicy sweet damson, gleaming russet apples and golden pears. The countryside hedgerows are alive with the vibrant reds and rich burgundies of nature’s bounty. New fruit themed socks offer an alternative bounty with our naturalistic representations of cherries, oranges, lemons and apples. These fabulous fruit styles offer tasteful colour combinations which reflect the warm tones of burnished leaf, gleaming berry and the skies of Autumn.

As well as being the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, Autumn is a time of ‘The Falling Leaves’ – the Margaret Postgate Cole poem a less well known, but equally apt allusion. Our delicate leaf jewellery is the perfect jewellery accessory accompaniment to any nature inspired display. Leaf earrings and pendants in soft gold and shades of silver are the perfect item to accompany your seasonal selections. ‘Delicate leaf’, is a real leaf form captured in fine metals. Other leaf jewellery comes as beautiful skeletal outlines or small embossed creations in matte or patinated metals. Continue the story with a ‘leaf lines’ scarf in pretty pink, soft grey or classic black and white. All can be found in the Botanica collection.

‘Falling Maple leaves’ are pretty organza and gemstone drop earrings with an ‘Oriental’ feel which offer an interesting alternative to the Spring cherry blossom designs so synonymous with the country of Japan. Couple them with a sock like ‘Koi carp’ or ‘floating butterfly’ to complete the look.

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