cactus jewellery & accessories

Cactus cool is the hot topic this summer. Check out our striking cactus wallet – a delightful medium sized purse adorned with bright green, pink and red cacti. This desert inspired wallet and two others whose designs are inspired by the hot climes of the tropics, can be found in the aptly named Cruise collection. In the same collection is a fabulous cactus pendant and matching stud earring. These amazing graphic representations of this year’s most iconic plant are available in matt silver or gold.

Our ‘cruise’ assortment of clutch pin brooches features two quirky cartoon cacti in the selection of fun trip pins! A sweet little prickly pear in a pink pot or the larger classic cactus in its terracotta tub are stars of the season. The other clutch pin assortment in the cruise collection harks back to the tropical theme with everything from a toucan to a pineapple. It also includes that other popular plant icon, the palm tree. Palms also embellish our tropical palm scarf assortment. This cool retro palm print scarf is available in a choice of four great colour combinations; mellow yellow, mint, sky blue and dove grey. A little palm tree stud earring in matt silver and gold completes the hot-house theme.



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