new Joe Cool lines

Exciting new Joe Cool lines are being finalised now. After months of travelling the globe in search of interesting and unusual ideas and products, our buyers are getting their heads down to make the final selections for our new collections. The race is on to complete fashion jewellery and accessory designs which will inspire, surprise or simply bring joy (and profit!) to our loyal customers. Painstaking attention is paid to every item and idea as we arduously consider the very best choices to make. Strong new themes are emerging from the fruits of our labours with  ‘black & white’, ‘seascape’ and ‘astral plain’ being early contenders. In addition we have wonderful new Joe Cool lines which will build on our best existing collections. Look out for more clever animals, arty acrylics, themes and natural elements. Super new socks and gloves also boost these ever more important categories.

It’s changed days for us since we abandoned the seasonal trade shows, and you no longer have to wait for our catalogue launch to view and buy our latest fashion items and creations. Keep an eye on our website which is continually being updated with the very latest we have on offer. New Joe Cool lines are being added regularly with Christmas and year round socks being some of the most recent timely additions.

Happy browsing!

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