festive jewellery and accessories

Festive feathers and colourful pompom jewellery are the perfect accompaniment to sunny Salamanca textile accessories. A vibrant multi-coloured feather and chain necklace can be successfully teamed with feather earrings or vivid pompom jewellery. The pompoms, new this season, are set to become a new Joe Cool classic. From eye-catching rainbow bunched pompom earrings to cute single pompom studs, pompoms on chains, necklaces, bracelets and rings, we have this stunner covered!

In the Rainbow Warrior collection you will find a wonderful selection of colourful textile bags, wallets and purses. Our little cotton back-pack is the ideal summer bag; a nice size to wear with dresses, t-shirts or light blouses. It comes in an assortment of six stripey, woven patterns all with a tan pleather trim. Also in the salamanca selection is an unusual cosmetic bag in vibrant, festive colours, it’s lined in nylon to protect the woven cotton exterior. The salamanca wallet is an all time best-seller and sits well with the larger or smaller items in the range, be it stud earrings, mini coin purse or super scoop shoulder bag.

For more fabulous festive colour in the collection there is an eye-popping assortment of neon screen-print canvas accessories. Our sturdy shopper is fully lined and has a strong leather handle. The cosmetic bag comes with a neat leather wrist strap as does the cute coin purse. To complete the range we have a shoulder bag; the size, simply perfect for a phone and wallet.

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