Animal pens are ‘animal magic’! These words sum up our fabulous new menagerie of hand-carved pens. Each delightful creature is hand-crafted from wood and individually painted to create an unusual and unique stationery item. From wildlife sanctuary or zoo to farmyard and jungle, all our favourite furry and feathered friends are here. The bears surely come top in the personality stakes; who can resist these charming, quizzical faces? Our curious panda clutches his bamboo shoot, brown bear has a kindly expression and baby bear, perched atop the pen, has a slightly nervous air…black bear is anything but menacing!

White rabbit, brown pony and red combed cockerel provide a more pastoral vibe and how about a bit of wildlife in the form of a friendly fox and wide-eyed owl!

Animal pens of a more exotic nature include the fabulous pink flamingo and stately tiger. Parrots are always a vibrant addition and most popular of birds and fashion fish this year is the shark! Top off the collection with majestic American eagle and, somewhat domesticated feline – our slightly grumpy moggie.

If our owl is too-wit-ty for you, wildlife has you foxed or you simply can’t find a place in your heart (or store) for these adorable animal pens, there are many more creatures great and small in the vast Joe Cool range. Search the ‘All Creatures‘ collection for crazy key-rings, large and small and tiny detailed studs in silver and gold metals. Accessories from patches, wallets, scarves and bracelets to rings, necklaces, pins and earrings all feature the wonderful and varied creatures of the animal kingdom.


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