Kerchiefs, squares and scarves are a really stylish introduction to summer. One of the most exciting new lines, newly arrived in stock here at Joe Cool, are our wonderful 100% cotton kerchiefs. Generously sized at just over 50 cm squared, these ‘squares’ are infinitely versatile and can be worn in any number of ways. The range of designs offers plenty of scope for some fabulous themed displays with Japanese style prints featuring blossom, bunnies and butterflies. Flowers are in abundance; the variety on offer ranging from vibrant prints and striking red roses against black to more graphic ‘scrolled’ floral designs.

For a slightly different take on florals, see ‘Peony checker’, a combination checks and flower motif with an ‘Oriental’ influence. The hare and garland design, on the other hand, offers a nice twist on a chintzy theme. Dream cat features the prettiest little kitten face. It is available in a choice of lovely pastel colours. Other new lines include a selection as eclectic as a starry night sky, classic paisley design, cartoon owls and tie-dye!

Our super-sized 70 x 70 cm silk square is a most glamorous option. Two gorgeous designs in the most beautiful colours make a striking addition to any collection. Choose between ‘Vibrant Paisley’ in fuchsia, royal blue or scarlet and ‘Floral burst’ – a stunning design of flower fields.

Kerchiefs and squares are the latest, but the classic longer scarf remains as popular as ever. We stock strong styles to tie in with the most important trends and themes. Japanese wave, sumi-e bamboo, blossom bird and oriental blossom require no further explanation, while tropical flower, tropical birds and Bauhuas bird are designs inspired by other lands.

Bold abstract prints and energetic rainbow stripes are refreshingly bright and upbeat. Soft ‘watery’ floral prints offer a subtle mellow contrast.

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