music themed jewellery

Music themed jewellery and all that jazz strikes the right note. Tune in to a cool trend with our range of music themed jewellery and accessories. In the Quirky Works collection you will find a cheery selection of instruments, keyboards, musical score and music related wearables. The resin keyboard bangle featured is a major player and all time classic. Our ‘brass section’ includes an assortment of stud earrings which include those jazz favourites, the saxophone and trumpet. Violin, french horn, piano, crotchets and quavers are also in the selection. Shiny hoops in an eye-catching silver and gold finish contain dangling treble clefs and notes. Treble clefs are also available as assorted enamel studs and a ring. Our Melody scarf is one of our most popular accessories, available in a choice of six great colours or an assorted pack of twelve.

Not exactly music themed, but jazzy none the less, are the ‘distorted square’ and ‘loopy’ satin scarves. With their off beat patterns and designs they look fantastic as neckerchiefs or head-wear. Crazy colour also bursts out of the essential little ‘disco pop’ tablet case shoulder purse and the ever popular ‘spiro’ cosmetic bag pulsates with rhythmic and explosive design. Find them all in the Gallery collection with loads of other colourful pop items.

The ‘Edinburgh Ziggy’ hat strikes another jazzy chord with its Missoni-inspired zigzag pattern and unusual colours. Check it out in our new hat range, Magic Millinery ; a selection of year round wearable and affordable headwear. ‘Aztec’ and ‘Jacquard’ socks in the Sock Sensation collection buzz with vibrant, eye-catching tones. Returning to more music themed jewellery we have the quirky ‘rock star’ stud earring. This sits harmoniously with an enamel record pendant…play it again with our ‘rock no,1’ record stud earrings.

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