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New socks are here in abundance at Joe Cool. We have loads of fun and fabulous styles now available in the Sock Sensation collection. From iconic landmark socks to ‘Van Gogh’ almond blossom socks we have a great new selection to choose from. For something really quirky, look out for ‘eyes on you’ featured above alongside our humourous ‘googly eyes’ stud earrings. More interesting looks are to be found in our ‘fierce face’ and ‘smile emoji’ socks.

We have lots of new socks featuring animals; ever popular cats in the range are joined by ‘stripey cat toes’ and ‘spotty cat’ bringing the number of felines in the collection up to ten! They are joined by cute pandas and the delightful ‘tiny animal’ selection. Tiny animals feature four different all over designs; sweet squirrels.perfect pandas, friendly foxes and, of course, a nice pussy cat.

If you’re looking for a different kind of theme, check out the new socks for fabulous foodies. What could be better for the budding gourmand than ‘sushi’ socks or (tongue in cheek) ‘takeaway’ featuring pizza, donut and burgers. Sausage and eggs are some of our personal favourites or go healthy with fruit salad or tropical fruit. For the ultimate combination look at ‘animal treats’, a humorous mix of monkey and banana, cat and fish and mouse with cheese.

For new socks of a more subtle nature, we have lovely rose etch effect socks and spotty dotty – a polka dot assortment in three pretty colour ways. Dramatic additions are the black and white zebra print sock and stunning ‘constellation’ – a brilliant starscape with sparkling silver highlights. Finally, falling from the starry heights to the deep ocean, we have a wonderful new sock with an underwater theme; ‘Aquarium’ a lovely blue sock studded with sea creatures.



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