Joe Cool origami jewellery celebrates the ephemeral elegance of Japanese paper folding in wearable artefacts of lasting charm and beauty! Welcome the spring as art meets nature in delightfully crafted necklaces and earrings in the shape of beautiful bunnies, sophisticated swans and classic Japanese cranes, or even add a playful touch with perfectly poised poodles! Cute but classy, this delicately detailed range of origami jewellery is carefully fashioned in tactile matte silver and gold finish, adding a seasonal freshness to any outfit. It’s not all about the animals though, there’s a touch of more homely paper-craft too with our nostalgic paper plane earrings!

The eastern influence continues this spring with a range of scarves adorned with delicately atmospheric and evocative designs of birds and blossoms, a harmonious way to keep the seasonal chill at bay. In fact, the more you explore our new items the more you will find, from fresh fragrant flowers to fabulous flamingos – so what are you waiting for?

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