owl socks

Owl socks are one of the latest new additions to our sock collection. No need to sit and think about these wise birds. Our owl socks come in a pack of three amusing characters. Put your feet up and browse the other new socks in the Foot Fantastic collection. The increasing popularity of animals can be seen in the latest styles. Our owl socks are joined by charming ‘woodland creatures’. A jolly trio consisting of a cute Wild cat, friendly Fox and playful Racoon. Or go for a classic theme with the Animal Picnic set. Animal faces, buns and donuts make a tasteful (or should that be tasty?) design in a choice of those ever popular creatures, the cat, fox and bear.

It seems that we just can’t have too many cats. New to the cattery is the intruiging ‘Cats eye’. No, not those things that reflect light in the middle of the road, these are some of our best feline socks ever. Three distinct cat faces and patterns are topped with amusing pointed ears. This sock is already racing to join the top sellers in our own retail outlet – all the signs are it will be a great wholesale line in coming months too. Even more enigmatic is the ‘Stripe eye’ sock. Inquisitive eyes peep out between the stripes in otherwise quite sensible blues, black, white and grey. last identified as a cat, mouse and penguin, but you may have other ideas! If you are not already stocking it, have a good look at the ‘Toe cat’. This must-have moggy features a charming cat face with pink ears.

A new edition to which isn’t an animal? Look at  our quirky ‘Toy Soldier’ sock – an all year rounder but right now it hints at Christmas. And while we are on the subject don’t forget to check out the new Christmas socks. In the Christmas theme section you’ll find some terrific new socks including penguins, reindeer, rustic and teddies. These make a cheerful change from the  santas and snowmen of the season. We have great versions of those too of course! So relax, put your feet up and order in that all-time essential Christmas present. Seasons greetings everyone!

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