perfect pink flamingo

Perfect pink flamingos – a flock of one of this season’s coolest design icons adorn this special summer scarf. Available in four great colours, choose from mint, sky blue, white or perfect pink; or go for the assortment in a pack of 12. Nothing says more than this statement accessory – except perhaps the perfect pink acrylic brooch. This also comes in an assortment of vibrant colours, see the image below featuring the stunning silhouette in true blue, turquoise, scarlet and of course, ‘perfect pink’. Also new in is our flamingo wallet. A joyous printed wallet featuring a brilliant bird and pineapples print.

What could be more fun than our perfect pink elephant earrings. Complete with moving eyes, this friendly fellow is bound to raise a smile. You’ll find him in the All Creatures collection. Pink also permeates Cafe Cool where you will find the quirkiest ice-creams, ice-lollies and donuts and our best selling liquorice allsorts. More fun frippery featuring the perfect pink, along with other cool colours, can be found in Quirky Works. Look at our crazy green shoots hair-grips with their cheery pink blossoms or sock earrings (yes, sock earrings!). For the purest of pinks you should look no further than the classic aluminium glitter and diamond cut bangles. This pack of 144 comes in a range of pink hues and is one of a range of stunning bangles boxed by colour.

Beyond the fun and frippery, perfect pink runs through our entire range. In Rainbow warrier it winds through rich threaded and printed textiles. In the Gallery collection as pastel print scarf,  fuschia wallet or classic rose-garden ceramic bead jewellery. Even our Top tartan has its fair share of this ever popular colour. Go for pink or just go mad with the myriad colours on offer.

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