Rainbow, two-tone, neutrals and natural – stripes in all shades and colours are one of the strongest designs of all time. Stunning striped tights are now in stock. Rainbow stripes come in a choice of wide or narrow stripes, both equally striking. These compliment the range of different rainbow sock designs in the Modern classic collection. Regular, ankle, sheer and novelty ‘neon-loop’ socks present a tantalizing and colourful selection. Fine striped knee-high socks in navy, coral and raspberry add to the variety and cool two-tone tights in three colour options round off the range.

Colour stripe acrylic chain necklace and link-drop earrings make powerful statement pieces. Polygon bracelets in bold tonal blocks come in an assortment of three. Large, striking ‘slice’ earrings and the slightly smaller acrylic hoop feature and threaded bead hoops are graduated reds and blues or classic stripe. The rainbow scarf is deservedly one of our best sellers.

Two-tone has a retro vibe with classic black and white stud-drops and graphic shapes cutting a smart dash. A two-tone bangle completes the selection. The Arthouse collection is home to interesting ‘art stripe’ earrings – post earrings in large shapes which show off the unusual colour tones. In the same range you can find iconic designs including polka dots, checks and pop art type patterns. Bright, optimistic and modern – these styles really pack a punch! Team these accessories with new optic socks in medium and large sizes – Graphic and Optic designs are going to be big this year. Coming full circle, mens ‘colourful concertina’, captures the mood in a perfect fusion of the themes.

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