red rose jewellery

Red rose jewellery will make a beautiful addition to your range this summer. The red rose has long been associated with love and has been immortalised in poetry and song for hundreds of years. Our red rose jewellery is not lacking in romance with the latest addition, a glass terrarium pendant, straight out of the famous story of Beauty and the Beast. This lovely item looks set to become best selling classic line. The assortment of three also contains a pretty blue bloom and lilac and yellow flowers. Find this and other new floral delights such as the rose bouquet stud earrings and in-vitro flower vase pendant in the Flora and Fauna collection.

More red rose jewellery to spin out the story is avilable as bracelets rings and sweet little stud earrings. And if you want to start adding other accessories to the theme look at our rose heart coin purse and the gorgeous tones of new vintage style ‘poetic rose’ scarves.

Continuing the theme, look at Joe Cool classic pastel earrings and bracelets in tiffany blue, ivory and dusty pink. Add vintage floral heart purses and textile rose stud earrings. To complete the look and add real luxury there is our new purple rose scarf, 61147, a beautiful combination of crushed velvet and satin in glorious plum colours.



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