Spectacular spectacles aren’t just for those whose vision needs a little correction. Admirers of unusual optics can enjoy our various versions of spectacles. We have a stunning spectacle finger ring. This delightful ‘digit-wear’ comes in a silver or gold finish and is adjustable. How about a spectacle necklace, our quirky pendant is a humorous take on the ubiquitous ‘readers’ and will really catch the eye. We have super sunglasses pendants embellished with crystals and complete with fully moving parts and we also have the real thing (even though days of sunshine are fast becoming numbered!).

The spectacle ring is a key item in the Quirky Works collection. There it sits comfortably alongside such eclectic items as acrobat pendants, fork and spoon drops, arrow rings, apostrophe studs and keyboard bangles. All the jewellery and accessory products in this amazing and inspiring collection will raise a smile, if not an eyebrow!

More jocular ‘ocular’ fun is to be found in the our resin googly eyes stud earrings. A hilarious and surprising earring in five assorted colours which come supplied on a board of 24 pairs. or have some fun with our ‘googly eyes on you’ socks, whacky but smart at the same time.

In fact, out range is full of spectacular spectacles, and most of them not of the glass lense variety. Whether it is stunning bling and crystal, vibrant colour, rich textile or elaborate pattern and design; there is a huge range of star performers to put on a grand show. Enjoy the spectacle!


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