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Super bug jewellery, these are super bugs that you don’t need to be afraid of! Delightful tiny creatures are the inspiration for some of our most popular stud earrings, rings and necklaces. Even if you’re a bit of an arachnophobe, our stunning little six legged version (well it looks better!) is still bound to please. The life size ladybird earring comes in gold and silver, six of each supplied on a mini display stand. For more of this appealing insect look at the enamel ladybird and flower ring, a delicate adjustable finger ring with a flower on one end and detailed ladybird on the other. For a really quirky ‘ladybug’ we have a pendant which doubles as a watch – press the button and the wings open to reveal the time-piece within!

Super bug jewellery takes on a deeper meaning when considering our bee items. This creature really is important on both a local and global level and should be treated with love and respect. Perhaps our little selection pays a kind of homage to this special creature. The bee and flower stud earrings and ring are a reminder of our buzzy little friend’s essential labour. For similar styles, we also have a classic crystal and enamel ring, pendant, drop and stud earrings. A more minimalist, contemporary looking design is the matt metal bee and honeycomb stud earring or for something a bit more flamboyant, try the gloriously colourful beaded bee ring.

Of course no super bug jewellery collection would really be complete without the inclusion of the ever popular butterfly, and we have lots of them. From tiny enamel drop earrings to fabulous big beaded styles and everything in-between there is a design to suit your purpose. A recent addition to the range is illustrated butterfly. This is a glass half sphere with beautiful butterfly illustrations that appear to be embedded within. Available as double-sided pendant, drop earring and finger ring, the selection comes in an assortment of four designs. They are perfectly complimented by a little  pill box in six assorted designs.

For butterfly compact mirrors we offer a choice of three design assortments. There is a pretty selection of three colourways, a vibrant 3-d effect assortment and the Japanese butterfly trio. Complete the offering with our clip-top butterfly cosmetic bag.

There is plenty more super bug jewellery to be found in the Joe cool range. Look out for a matte metal butterfly ring, silver wrap around butterfly bracelet and pastel enamel buttefly earrings. Dragonflies are also present in the form of a little stud earring. All the items mentioned and more can be located in the Flora and Fauna collection.

How could we forget to mention the super bug jewellery item extraordinaire! The famous spider earring. This fantastic year round seller is a little crystal stud earring which comes in an assortment of crystal colours with either black legs or matching coloured legs. Buy it on a small display or on the appropriate spider web earring card. Go to the Black Star collection to view the whole range.


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