It’s almost time to put the clocks back, and what better way to remind yourself than with Joe Cool’s range of watch and clock themed jewellery and accessories? From the purely ornamental to the utilitarian, our timepieces are temporal treats to be treasured! If you have the time you will find a thorough browse of our site most rewarding; whether you’re a fan of vintage Victoriana, an intrepid steampunk explorer or simply want a watch which adds ornate charm to an outfit, there should be something in our Technopolis and Nostalgia ranges to suit your everyday or cosplay needs! From elaborate fob watch pendants to retro rings and charmingly decorated enamel bag charms, we have cool and classy chronometers galore!

If vintage styles are too ostentatious for you, we have cute clocks too! Owls and ladybirds put the fun into functional with real clocks hidden beneath their wings, while in Spectrum and Timeless Classic purely ornamental bangles, pendants and keyrings in polished acrylic add a touch of kitsch.

Needless to say, with all of the variety on offer, it takes time to take in all of Joe Cool’s clock and watch-themed jewellery and accessories; we have everything from bracelets, earrings and necklaces to bag charms and press studs. At the heart of our range though, is a collection of beautifully detailed vintage style jewellery, some functional but all delightfully decorative – and, of course, timeless.

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