tropical jewellery and accessories

Tropical jewellery and accessories will really get you in the mood for summer and warmer weather. Find inspiration in our new selection of tropical fruit. Colourful enamel pineapple drop and stud earrings, watermelon accessories and brilliant bananas are especially tasty!  Vibrant printed scarves and hair-ties are also great reminders of heady hot days. Find these delights in our Cruise and Cafe cool collections.

The same collection is also host to a couple of cool clutch pin brooch assortments. The tropical pins with toucan, palm, rainbow, banana, and of course, pineapple and flamingo. The cruise assortment in an eclectic mix of cacti, coffee pot, sundae, ship and cat – all the essential elements of your cruise in the sun.

Continuing the theme is our retro print pineapple scarf, available in four cool colours, this will pull your fruity collection together. the palm tree print and fabulous flamingo scarves are two of our favourites and look set to become summer sensations. Set them off with wallets featuring more fun fruit and fabulous flamingos!

Tropical jewellery of another nature is to be found in the exquisite lotus flower range of pendants and earrings. A single lotus flower is captured within a crystal sphere, it is offered in an assortment of three subtle colour variations. The exotic new butterfly selection has a similar feel. Four different tropical butterfly images are beautifully revealed in glass rings, earrings and pendants. In the Flora and Fauna collection you can view many other pretty insects with more than a hint of the tropics.

Keeping it simple is the tropical jewellery ‘story card’. This says all that needs to be said about tropical jewellery! An assortment of stud and drop earrings on a  themed card makes the perfect gift item for the summer sun or for cheering up those colder times. It is a simple introduction to this season’s hottest theme – this and other themed jewellery selections make your jewellery buying easy. See the full range in Joe Cool Originals.


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