At Joe Cool, we recognize that sustainability is a responsibility to the planet and future generations. Embracing the ethos of sustainability means taking action to minimize our environmental impact while maintaining the quality and integrity of our products. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Waste and Packaging

Reducing waste and environmental impact starts with packaging. We’ve made significant changes to our packaging materials to prioritize ecological solutions. In 2018, we transitioned from polypropylene display cards to recyclable paper cards, reducing our use of plastic significantly. Additionally, we’ve eliminated individual plastic bags and now utilize oriented polypropylene for multi-packaging, a material that can be recycled efficiently.  Our waste is managed by Cireco, they have lots of information about their waste sorting and environmental policies on their website:

For our sock collections, we’ve introduced a simple yet effective packaging solution—a paper band. Not only does this minimize packaging waste, but it also enhances the eco-friendliness of our products. Our packaging bands are crafted from recyclable materials, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. 

For any of our items that are individually carded we use an unlaminated card that can be recycled.

Where ever we can we re-use packaging, reusing inbound packaging materials and collecting clean, used outer cartons and fillers from local retailers for our outbound shipments. By embracing a circular approach to packaging, we’re minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

We are in the process of replacing all of our fabric fasteners, kimble-tags and loop-pins with bio-degradable options, massively reducing the amount of landfill waste produced by the company.

The company we use for our bio-degradable tags is Shanghai Taggar Industrial Corp.


While not all of our jewellery products are 100% recyclable, we’re continually seeking ways to improve and innovate. We are committed to producing jewellery items in an ecologically conscious way.

We now list all materials that are used in out items and have this helpful guide how to dispose of them properly. If anyone is ever in doubt, we are more than happy to have items broken or unwanted items sent back to us and we will dispose of them in the correct and most ecological way.

Our new jewellery collection , Round Again, features recycled materials and biodegradable elements.

Care and Repair 

We want all our consumer customers to be delighted with their purchase not only on the day but for the long term because we believe the longer our items are loved and used the better it is for the environment. Towards that end we recommend that all our items are cherished, treated with respect to minimise wear and tear and as far as possible protected from accidental damage.

If for some reason one of our jewellery items becomes unusable, please consult us and we will try to solve the problem; if for example you lose an earring clutch or damage a catch, we will do our best to repair or replace free of charge. If you lose an earring and are reluctant to wear odds then, if possible, we will send you a new match.

For our sock collections, we understand that wear and tear are inevitable. But rather than discarding damaged socks, we encourage darning—the time-honoured practice of repairing holes. If a sock goes missing or gets damaged beyond repair, let us know. We’ll do our best to provide a matching replacement, because we believe every sock deserves a mate.

Joe Cool’s Carbon Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is a priority for us at Joe Cool. That’s why we’ve taken steps to minimize our environmental impact across all aspects of our business. Here are some of the actions we have taken:

We have installed solar panels at our warehouse and now give back energy into the grid and have been working alongside Sustainable Cupar, to develop a sustainable option for heating our work shop, warehouse and offices by harnessing and amplifying the heat in the effluent of a local water treatment plant.

Additionally, we prioritize sea freight over air freight whenever possible, further reducing our carbon footprint.

We also offset our carbon from business travel using this company:

If you would like to discuss any of these points in more detail, please feel free to email: