Regal regalia comes in all shapes and sizes. Now is the time to break out the bunting and celebrate all things British. The Queens’s platinum jubilee is an extraordinary achievement and a great excuse for the rest of us to have fun. Fly the flag with Union jack socks, bracelets and earrings.

With tourism returning to its pre-pandemic levels, it’s a good idea to have a range of souvenirs on offer. London is one of the most visited destinations in the country and our jolly red bus keyring and classic telephone box make ‘capital’ gift items. Complete the collection with a drop earring and pin brooch. Big Ben is one of the world’s most famous clocks and we have the tiniest versions as earrings in matt silver or gold. This famous landmark also adorns several socks, men and women’s sizes come in bright or muted tones. Other gift items synonymous with this great city include toy soldier socks and earrings, London eye jewellery and a fabulous cityscape ring.

For a bit of regal bling and sparkle with a twist, you can’t beat a twinkling crown brooch. Available in gold or silver finish with aurora borealis crystals, they won’t cost your customers a royal ransom! All wild swans in open water are owned by the Queen but our swan brooches can be claimed by anyone. These regal birds dazzle and bring style and elegance to the jubilee theme.

Whether you are jubilant about the royal jubilee, proudly patriotic or otherwise, there are many different ways to appreciate the odd and disparate collection of ‘all things British’. To view a more eclectic mix of products visit the SCENE collection on this site.

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