‘Green’ ethics can be challenging for any company but we are working hard to try and help our museum shops to ‘keep it green’ in as many ways as possible in the retail context. Many of you will have noticed a substantial reduction in our packaging and the move away from plastic in our packing and merchandising. Socks, currently one of our most popular product lines, has traditionally been supplied in cellophane. This has the advantage of transparency and therefore easy product identification, but is not easy to dispose of responsibly. We are now supplying socks in Kraft brown paper bags. A paper sticker provides full details of the item within including a full colour image and after use the whole thing can simply go straight into the paper recycling. For some time we have delivered your orders in re-used cardboard boxes, now we are also supplying smaller packages in cardboard with simple brown card packs ousting the notoriously un-green ‘jiffy bag’. Our old bright blue polypropylene parcel tape has been replaced with tasteful and degradable brown paper tape and protective padding and filler is either re-used materials or fully bio-degradable ‘biofil’ made from plant starch. New individual product packaging too is now all on recycled and recyclable card with cellophane kept to the minimum for necessary protection and we are constantly seeking alternatives to those useful but destructive packing and display aids such as kimble tags and plastic inserts.

As long time fans of natural materials, Joe Cool has always had a high proportion of beautiful but degradable products. We always hope our items will last and be enjoyed for many years, but it is reassuring to know that at the end of their natural lives, they won’t be adding to the mountains of plastic waste polluting our planet. Wood, ceramic, glass, leather, paper, stone and cotton feature strongly in our collections and we are pleased that our products frequent the displays of many of our wonderful museum shop customers.

To help museum shops maximise the benefit of upcoming Museum Shop Sunday, from now until 15/11/2021 we are offering three of our popular services free of charge. Please contact us to discuss your museum or gallery shop requirements.

CUSTOM CARDING . Popular among our customers due to the value they add to products,
our custom cards allow visitors to take a memory of the museum home with them. Simply
mail in your order together with any logo art work and sketch of how you envisage the card
and we will do the rest free of charge.

DROP SHIPPING . No need to buy and stock the product. We will supply a high resolution
images of any product you wish to include in your collection for sale in your internet shop.
You take the order and payment and send us the details. We ship the customer direct and
charge you at wholesale plus postage, thereby removing the need for you to carry stock. This
also enables you to test products and ideas without any risk or expense. (UK only)

FREE SHIPPING. We ship anywhere in the world completely free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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