Silver is one of the oldest and most versatile materials used in the production of jewellery. This wonderful metal is both soft enough to work into myriad forms, yet strong enough to last through millennia as evidenced in numerous museums around the world. The timeless beauty and natural elegance of silver is a perfect medium for those classic, essential jewellery items; hoop earrings, ball studs and simple drops. Here at Joe Cool we have a comprehensive range from which to choose, so you need never be short of these staple accessories. Hoops come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, hinged for ease of wear. Smaller sizes are offered on a neat POS display in a mix of sizes for convenience of sale, or individually packed.

Silver hoops also come embellished adding ethnic or glamourous style. Delightful little balls add movement and life to a small hoop, little twinkling black Onyx heart or elaborate Balinese detail.

Perfect spheres of glistening metal start with tiny micro-dots gradually increasing in size to more obvious silver balls in a selection of the quintessential silver stud. These are a perfect offering for the popular multi-holed ear-lobes so current today. The larger sizes have a little hook with which to capture the wire for security.

Joe Cool has arguably one of the best choices of nose stud available. Check out the Sterling Silver collection to view the choices. There you can also find many more interesting earring styles. From tiny animals to Rose gold plated hoops, exotic floral drops to Celtic symbols; there is something for everyone.

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