serious socks

Let’s get serious about socks! To prove how serious we are, we would like to make you an offer that will help boost your sales and profit; or if you haven’t already tried this fantastic, fun fashion accessory, perhaps will tempt you to give it a go. For the month of June we are offering a 10 percent discount off normal wholesale price on all sock orders of 12 dozen or more. This will enable you to present your customers with the irresistible deal of, for example, ‘Three for a tenner!’ without cutting in to your margin. A while ago we adopted this strategy in our own Joe Cool retail outlet expecting a small bump in sales – to our amazement our sock profits trebled! We are really keen to give you the opportunity to try it for yourselves at no additional cost, here is a way to have a go – we are confident you won’t be disappointed. Choose from across our wide range of interesting and amusing designs. From seriously silly to sort of sensible you’ll find footwear to cater for all tastes. Start by taking a look at our lovely summery flower styles. We have daisies in an assortment of four pastels, roses, sweet strawberries in black or white and the beautiful, bold ‘big flower’.

To make a really eye-catching splash, go for some of the crazy animal styles. ‘Paws’ is a vibrant mix of paw pattern and colour. In Fairytale creatures you’ll find an assortment of four fantasy beasts with a humorous twist.’ Argh’ is a hilarious take on some imaginary friends and our ‘owl’ is a collection of three delightful characters.

Staying with an animal theme we have cats in plentiful supply. That ever-popular feline friend comes in various guises. The subtle ‘dream cat’ in an assortment of four colours, is a Joe Cool bestseller. Choose cats and spots or cats and stripes or maybe ‘toe-cat’ is more your scene. There are many more moggies within various other assortments as well such as ‘animal picnic’, ‘storytime’ or ‘cute animals’.

For those with an artistic leaning or simple an appreciation of art, look no further than the ‘masterpiece’ collection. These five fabulous styles can be ordered individually or as an assortment. They feature such iconic images as Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Starry Night’ and the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo. The other two classics show renditions of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ and ‘The Scream’ by Munch. For those not wishing to make too much of a statement there are delightful all-over designs including robot patterns, spacemen, dinosaurs and the cosmos.

To see the entire range and find out what is currently in stock, look at the ‘Sock Sensation’ collection on our website. If you would like to take advantage of the 10% discount offer, it applies to all orders of 12 dozen (144) pairs of socks or over, placed throughout the month of June (pack size typically a dozen).




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