stone jewellery

Stone jewellery in myriad forms is set to take centre stage in our new collections this year. Look out for fabulous agate, crystal and stone jewellery as you have never seen it. Stunning electroplated agates come as silver spheres with a glimpse of twinkling interior as featured. Gold and mysterious rainbow colours are also on offer and luminescent rough cut crystals shimmer – each pendant truly individual in its unique style. With echoes of ‘Game of Thrones’ our Moon-glass and Star-stone rings and pendants are both striking and enigmatic, lending a mysterious edge to your range.

Dramatic sparkling stone jewellery with a real sense of the deep earth’s core and a mystical alchemy can be found in a range of stunning rings. Each one is hewn from natural agate with a glamorous gilded surround. The finished result is a unique piece of stone jewellery, where no two rings are the same. For a more smooth, sophisticated look we are introducing an elegant pendant and ring, though looking convincingly like riven stone, these items are in fact very clever pieces of ceramic. The two complimentary accessories come in a pale grey marbled effect and metallic speckled slate colour and work equally well with neutrals or as stylish contrast to the seasons brights.

Continuing the theme of ancient and natural materials with a contemporary twist is our latest spun glass ring. This classic range is now enhanced by the addition of a new assortment in gorgeous rich metallic shades of gold, silver, bronze and black. The full range of glass ring colours and styles can be found in the Gallery collection.

Keep an eye on our website for these and so many more beautiful and interesting new ideas and additions. Exciting times are here!

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