We have put together collections of some of our best-selling earrings to create story cards. Story cards make a great eye-catching gift product and are an ideal way to increase your price point on smaller earrings. Introduced earlier this year, they have proved to be a winner, selling fast in our own retail outlet and proving equally successful in some of our major customers’ stores.

We have nine different themes on offer:
‘Fruit bowl’ features fun banana drop earrings with appealing apple, citrus and watermelon slice studs on an evocative Caribbean beach backdrop.
‘Cherry’ has a Japanese spring feel with delicate pink crystal ‘blossoms’; cute glossy, red cherry drops and beautifully detailed crystal glass cherry stud earrings.
A tasty selection can be found on ‘Cakestand’ with tempting cupcakes, creamy slices and mouthwatering slabs of cake.
‘Sewing Box’ is an eclectic range, featuring a miscellany of best-selling zipper studs, scissors, bows and our famous button earrings.
There are two ‘Vase of Flowers’ selections, which will cater for a wide range of tastes – colourful resin for the younger market or more sophisticated enamel flowers for a classic look.
To top it all is ‘Crystal Crown’, a sparkling collection offering a stylish choice of sizes and shapes to suit all ears.

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