ali bangles

Ali bangles are back in the top twenty! Revisit this all time Joe Cool favourite. Stock up and stack up this brilliant product to liven up your stock and boost your sales. Our diamond cut aluminium bangle comes in a choice of seven wonderful colour selections and at a price point that will guarantee sales by the multiple. In the Originals collection you will find the glittering array which includes sizzling pinks, beautiful blues, gorgeous greens, rich red and browns, powerful purples and sharp silver and black.  We also stock a pretty multi-coloured version and even a childrens’ assortment. Each pack of 144 ali bangles has a lovely variety of hues, subtly arranged for maximum visual impact. You can also order the full range of colours complete with display stand for ease of display.

Ali bangles aren’t the only popular product made in this material. We have a small range aluminium bell jewellery – another classic Joe Cool original. A cheery bunch of colourful bells for your finger, drops for the ears and strung bell necklace and bracelet make up this delightful set.

For more stunning colours look no further than our fabulous magic bead jewellery. A strange 3-D illusion of depth is created when the light hits these incredible beads. Available as self coloured simple drop earrings, chunky necklace and bracelet, little beaded necklace and bracelet and multi-coloured graduated necklace.

For earrings complimentary to your ali bangles and magic colour collection, look at our glittering crystal studded teardrops in eight luscious colours and matching sphere studs. Team with some fabulous sparkling cubic zirconia, conveniently packaged with five sizes and six colours in an assortment of 30 on a handy counter top display.

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