JOE COOL Arty scarves and graphic print and stitch accessories

Arty scarves and graphic print and stitch accessories add an interesting dimension to the range this summer. In the Gallery collection we have designs which embrace many different interesting artistic styles and techniques. Etched animal illustration is a charming scarf in a choice of four pastel shades which features the type of black line illustration you might expect to see in an old children’s story book. Drawings of giraffes, elephants, rabbits and other creatures evoke the vintage black and white prints from the classic story books of Aesop’s Fables or Hans Christian Anderson. Shadow print tree is another monographic ‘line drawing’ style print with a more contemporary feel. This works well alongside the stitched plant graphic cotton coin purse a set of four cool purses with coloured reinforced bases and silhouette style stitch designs.

For  more vibrant, colourful arty scarves, we have the lovely flower colour cut print. Reminiscent of the bold paper cuts and prints of the artist, Matisse, this comes in two strong combinations – against white or black – both make a great statement accessory. The floral pen and ink design is another dramatic design – loose lines, and sweeping strokes merge with blocks of unusual colour and pattern. Work the look with  a striking acrylic chain through necklace in either bold primaries or more subdues tones.

Our retro satin squares are of the more psychadelic arty scarves variety.  In a choice of four assortments of three designs they are both eyecatching and inexpensive. The ‘loopy square’ and ‘distorted square’ in particular show crazy optic patterns which will transport some of you!) back the the swinging days of the seventies. Compliment them with the disco pop phone bag and spiro pattern cosmentic bag for a really exuberant display.

Arty, colourful jewellery has always been key in the Joe Cool collections. For great designs and punchy pattern fun we have resin ‘pop art’ and ‘swinging sixties’ stud earrings, acrylic polka hoops and polygon resin bangles. Neon screen print accessories are eye-popping prints in electric colours, find them in the ‘Rainbow Warrior‘ collection.

If this is all getting a bit much, come down to earth with some of the tool box jewellery and accessory items in ‘Technopolis‘. The tool kit coin purse is an amusing little item with an assortment of four ‘tools’ graphic print or opt for a chunky screw pen. Drop earrings and necklaces with an eclectic mix of workshop tools is another popular quirky line in the range. Whatever else they are, all are undeniably ‘Joe Cool’.

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