bamboo jewellery

Bamboo jewellery makes an attractive and eco friendly addition to a natural jewellery collection. Inspired by the wonderful bamboo forests of China and Japan and harvested from deep in the jungle, we have created some interesting and unusual jewellery. There are many ways to design and utilise this fabulous plant; slim sections are made into delicate beads which are threaded to make bracelets and necklaces. The beads can be further enriched by etching or ‘burning’ the surface to create detailed designs.

Bamboo jewellery can be made by in-laying cross-sections and strips of bamboo in resin, to make striking bangles and pendants. Another techique involves cutting small segments of cane into blocks. These are then drilled, polished and threaded onto elastic to make bracelets. This versatile plants provides endless possibilites for the creation of diverse and lovely  jewellery.

Slim canes can be heated and shaped into bangles which can then be painted or decorated and earrings can be produced in a similar way. We have an assortment of hoops which come complete with an attractive bamboo display stand.

Of course, where there is bamboo there is often to be found that loveable creature, famous for its vast bamboo consumption, the panda. We are happy to say that as well as occupying the bamboo forests of China, the panda has a home in the Joe Cool ‘All Creatures‘ collection. Here you will find two different styles of stud earring, two pendants and two drop earrings to choose from. To complete the family, we have wonderful new panda socks.

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