With the preparations for Halloween already underway, we are cleansing the palate with something a bit more fruity! Whether you have a penchant for pop art perfection, a craving for zesty colour, or just a fondness for funny fruit, you’ll go bananas for our range of fruit themed jewellery and accessories! A quick browse in the Cafe Cool collection will prove fruitful as our perennially popular cute banana earrings and iconic silicon banana purse can be found amidst a veritable greengrocer’s shop of mouth-watering jewellery and accessories to fit any look or budget. If you want to carry the theme further, try Sock Sensation where you can walk on banana skins without slipping, with our fashionably fun new banana socks!

If your appetite for fresh fruit doesn’t end with bananas, back in Café Cool you will find watermelon purses and more, while Cruise will take you on a trip to more tropical climes for pineapples galore, including scarves and earrings as well as a delicious range of wallets and brooches. We have a real buffet of bright, happy, tactile items in vinyl, fabric and metal – and all with a uniquely fruity feel!

In fact, Joe Cool has a vast array of fabulously fruity items and the more you browse, the more there is to discover! But if your favourite thing about fruit is the wildlife that consumes it, fear not!  Back in Sock Sensation you will find monkey business galore, with our cheeky chums featured on sock designs, both with and without their favourite food. All Creatures meanwhile, is home to herbivores of all shapes and sizes, so whether you prefer a hint of cuddly cuteness or a full fruit salad, Joe Cool has something to tempt you!

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