Hats are one of the oldest style accessories and come in myriad forms with names that have become evocative of bygone eras and associated with classic movies or famous characters; Charlie Chaplin’s bowler, Humphrey Bogart’s Borsalino worn with such style on screen, Abraham Lincoln in his top hat…the list goes on. The beret is one of the most timeless and accessible hats available and frequently updated in fabulous new colours and hues. The beret exudes confidence, chic and French panache but also suggests an edgy sense of rebellion – revolution is in its DNA. We have a lovely selection of colours ranging from soft natural hues through vibrant fuchsia, red and lilac and of course the classic black. We even have a cute kids version. A beret can be worn at any time of the year to compliment an outfit or create a look and these along with some of our more wintry hats are all on special offer while stocks last before a refresh.

Arty hats come in interesting fabrics with clever detail such as the wool Berlin bonnet in rich dark hues with a subtle bow cuff. The ruby rose is a soft grey hat with fabulous floral rose embellishment and ‘Madame Scottie’ boasts a sequin Scottie dog detail.

‘Missi weave’, ‘Edinburgh ziggy’ and ‘Bristol’ in seersucker are all great year rounders to top a casual or contemporary look. Hand-felted ‘Canterbury’ with its stunning flower feature, ‘Zandra knit’ inspired by the great Zandra Rhodes and ‘St Andrews pompom’ suggest something of the arty academic with hints of the Bloomsbury set. Who knew a hat could say so much!

Peaked caps such as the ‘Newsboy’ and ‘Bakerboy’ emanate a vigour and dynamic street energy. Colours include plum, grey, burnt orange, black and true blue. We also have a leather effect Mary Quant inspired version in tan or black. The jumbo cord cap in luxurious black or smoky grey is a super stand alone.

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