Bracelets and bangles, pendants and necklaces, rings and other things are being piled on and mixed up this season. Anything and everything goes so stock up with string, leather and bead bracelets, metal and acrylic bangles and chain, mesh and multiple strand springs. Enjoy browsing the vast array of interesting items in our inventory. From large assorted packs of inexpensive fun items to classier sterling silver and semi-precious lines, we can provide you with an exciting range which will provide your customers with all they need to tap in to the current trend. When it comes to accessories right now, ‘matchy matchy’ is out and maximal eclecticism is very much in! Brightly coloured bracelets and bangles look great with neutrals and metals. Hand-woven friendship bracelets in string and silk are always popular. Check out the beautiful weaving in the Salamanca assortment and the delicately tasseled Japanese bead bracelet. Knotted silk thread strands come in a glorious array of vibrant colours and Safari beads offer a great choice of neutrals on elastic with heishi shell, wood, thread and cord.

Multi-strand bracelets are any easy way to tap into the stacking look. Styles such as Hipanema, bright bead multi-strand and Mexicana are an easy way to capture the mood. Roll-on Kurush bracelets come in a fabulous range of pattern and colour-ways which make an eye catching display. Order in sets of 70 on a custom design clear acrylic display for maximum effect. Animals are always fun to toss into the mix with a cheery choice of bright enamel fobs. Turtles, fish, elephants and cats all add up to a jazzy selection for top attention.

Bracelets and bangles in acrylic and metal add a new dimension with eye-popping neon and psychedelic combinations. Stripes, swirls and chunky colour blocks surprise and delight. Elaborate wire and gleaming metal corners and curves add drama. Strung ceramic beads and woven glass rocailles timelessly slip into the theme and round off your selection with interlocking snake chains and op art print silk chain bracelets.

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