Cool stationery and games themed accessories provide much fun  for work, school and leisure. Fabulous pens take the form of chillies, mushrooms and for a real touch of class, how about an asparagus spear. Our silicon banana pencil case which doubles as a coin purse, will provide much amusement. Find these eclectic ‘in-edibles’ in the Cafe Cool collection alongside other foody delights like our watermelon purse and ‘stress-ball’ fruity keyrings.

Cool stationery themed jewellery is also a strong feature in this years’s Quirky Works collection. Our  colourful rainbow pencil barrette is a truly inspirational hair accessory, set it off with a delightful set of wooden pencil drop earrings which come as an assortment of six colours. This best selling stationery won’t remain ‘stationary’ in your outlet for long! There is also a cute enamel coloured pencil stud earring – six assorted colours come on a point-of-sale counter stand at a price which will guarantee successful results.

To lighten up the duller moments of the day how about a bit of frivolity. Our enamel ‘paper plane’ earrings are a reminder of those naughty old school days and for further distraction the classic Rubix cube earring and fully functional pendant will keep everyone entertained. These time served classics are staples of the Joe Cool Originals collection.

Perhaps not ‘cool stationery’ but certainly cool and something to test your hand/eye coordination (well, perhaps in putting them on!) are our enamel building block and origami pastimes stud earrings. An Origami bird drop earring supplied in four lovely colours in packs of twelve, will compliment your ‘new learning’ range.

Needless to say the Joe Cool range is brimming with ideas for an alternative education! Whether study themed, craft inspired or with a vocational leaning, we are sure you will find much to focus on.



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