Crowns, carriages and all things regal are big news at the moment with the forthcoming Royal Coronation imminent. Here at Joe Cool we have a number of interesting items which will help you mark the grand occasion in style without becoming redundant after the big event. With a broad focus on British heritage; socks, jewellery and other accessories feature crowns, carriages and flags. The great capital city of London is well represented with historic buildings, landmarks and famously associated icons such as the red double decker bus, telephone box, Buckingham Palace guards and Beefeaters.

Crowns are transformed into brooches, earrings, rings and pendants so that everyone and anyone can be King or Queen for a day! Rings come as pretty filigree bands in gold and silver metals. Brooches are glittering crystal or cool embroidered fabric. Earrings are sweet and detailed in a choice of enamelled colours or contemporary minimalist style in matt metal colours and of course there are socks featuring the classic Royal crown as we know it.

Royal Stewart is the name of the famous Royal tartan – probably the best known, popular and most sought after. We have a concise collection of timeless accessories which will work well within the regal theme. Textile stud earrings are cute bows, domes or hearts. Tartan hair accessories come as scrunchies, Alice bands, large bow barrettes and mini bow hair-clips. For a retro feel there are acrylic tartan print bangles and hoop earrings and a compact handbag mirror in an assortment of three designs. An umbrella completes the story… supplied in packs of twelve assorted prints including the all important Royal Stewart of course.

Socks are such an important accessory now and in addition to the various ‘British’ heritage styles touched upon earlier, you can add that bit of Scottish heritage with a selection to compliment you tartan collection. The full range can be see on the website, here is a small taster!

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